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The Port Sunlight Tour app is available to download for free for iOS and Android now. Experience Port Sunlight like never before!

Uncover the hidden stories of Port Sunlight with the new AR app

Have you ever wanted to find out about what it was like growing up in the village from going to school to dancing the night away in Hulme Hall? Or to see footage of what the landscape looked like before William Lever embarked on his exciting vision to turn the land into what we know today?

Using augmented reality technology, there are three exciting tour themes to choose from: Making it Happen, Life at Port Sunlight and Port Sunlight at War. At your own leisure, visitors can choose to do one tour at a time or discover all three during your visit. You can pick a point of interest from the tour map on the app and then be whisked away to another lifetime to see how Port Sunlight developed over time into the beautiful village you see today.

Key features

With just the use of your smartphone or tablet, visitors can use AR technology to unlock untold areas of history around the village and make new connections to landmarks and personal accounts as scenes and real-life stories come to life.

Three unique tours of Port Sunlight

360° fully immersive in both photos and video

An interactive map to pin-point areas

Three tours to explore

With three exciting character-led tours to choose from, visitors can discover how Port Sunlight was created, what life was like in the factory and so much more. The app takes you on a journey beneath the well-manicured parks and gardens, behind the closed doors of the beautiful buildings, and back in time to a different period in history.

Making it happen

Discover what it took to make Lever Brothers’ Soap Works a rip-roaring success, from innovative advertising globally to strong well-conceived transport links, a cared-for workforce and a thriving village community.

Hear William Lever talk about his remarkable vision for his business and village and take a look inside the famous factory to see what working life was really like.

Life At Port Sunlight

Join Nellie, the first child to be born in Port Sunlight, as she takes you on a journey around her home.

Hear about her school days, join her for a splash in the swimming pool or dance the night away at Hulme Hall. There’s so much to uncover about life at Port Sunlight.

Port Sunlight At War

Over 4,000 patriotic men and boys enlisted to join the Great War here in Port Sunlight. Follow young Eric, as he shares his memories of his brave brothers going off to war and the startling changes he saw at home and in the factory.

Witness the poignant return and care of injured soldiers and the moving unveiling of the impressive war memorial.

* All names and actions are factually correct. The thoughts have been dramatised

How to use the app

  1. Download the app to your device
  2. Visit the village at a time and day that suits you
  3. Choose the tour or point of interest you want to experience
  4. Open the app and start exploring!

Also don't forget to charge your phone before you arrive and bring headphones with you if you can. Don't worry if you have forgotten yours though, we have some on sale in our museum shop.

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What is AR?

Augmented reality (AR) is the process of using technology to superimpose images, text or sounds on top of what a person can already see.

By using a smartphone or tablet and headphones to alter the existing picture, via our app, visitors can stand in front of an area in the village and hold up a device showing an altered version of reality.

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